Multi-Item Sorter

This is a sorter that was inspired by Slack Lizard. He had the idea of a 9×3 ender chest sorter. the goal here was to make an item sorter that match the end chest. Here is the block by block I put together with Slack.

Here is the explanation video on how it works in detail.

If you want a structura file I have one here for you:

Notes and Trivia

  • I love item sorting
  • This was inspired by an organization concept by slack. The idea was to make a sorter that matches the end chest so at the end of the day you could just drop off a couple of junk boxes and a plop down your end chest and go AFK
  • This density is nearly possible on java, but it relies on some strange mechanics that are not unload safe.
  • This uses a mechanic that does not work on java. Restone torches cannot be directly powered by observers in java.