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Bedrock Moderation Tools

A set of tools that help moderators effectively manage a realm or server without command or creative privilege’s.

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Structura 1.5

What is new Fixed file format differences between 1.18 and 1.19 Fixed signs Added 1.19 blocks from or Fixed…

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Structura 1.4

Structura 1.4 is for the 1.17 version. This version adds block updates as a pull that can be performed form…

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Structura 1.3

This is an older version of structura. I am leaving it up incase you need specific things that break or…

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Structura 1.2 update

This only convers the changes to structura from the first release. See Structura First Release for more info on how…

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Structura First Release

This is structura a tool for minecraft bedrock edition that generate resource packs. These packs are an attempt to replicate…

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Plot World Maker

This is a plot world making tool for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It allows you to make custom plot world with…