Plot World Maker

This is a plot world making tool for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It allows you to make custom plot world with custom plot sizes and road sizes. It has easy setup and doesn’t require crazy command block setup or any complex. Simply install the Addon, and execute “/function startworld”. If you want to remove a plot from a player this can be done via cheats from an OP player. square bracket mean replace this with a correct value. Here are the commands:

/tag [player name] remove plot[plot number]
/tag [player name] remove plotgiven
/event entity [player name] plotz.removeAll

If you want to have a player as a moderator execute the following command after they push the button:
ource code:
Example pack for those on mobile:


Since you made it to the webpage i thought i would put out a few notes on this pack.

  • This pack was made purely for me to learn how to make the chunk borders pack
  • The pack maker is generally just making Json files and extending the animation controller
  • This would be way easier with game test framework in 1.17+