Skyblock V2

This is my version of skyblock it comes with options. You can choose options from this list to set up your own behavior pack sets.

World Generation

The there are 2 types of world generation that i have made. the first is leaving the structures, the second is a mostly void world. there are some issues in the void where that i cant really get rid of due limitations in the experimental custom world generation features, however it is as good as i can do right now.

Starter Island Generation

You wouldn’t have a skyblock world without a starter island. I have made 3 different ways the starter island can generate, First is at world spawn but only 1 island. Second is 1 random island per player, and the final way is on each death a random island gets assigned.

You are welcome to modify these packs, simply change the default structure to a nicer looking starter island if that is interesting. or you can make the island bigger or smaller to suite your challenge

Crafting Recipes /Loot tables

I have only 1 modifier pack for skyblock crafting but you are welcome to create your own and add it. Changing loot tables, or crafting recipes should not impact the other two packs.

Learn More about making these recipes

I learned a TON of what i know from conversations with people on the discord. Here is the link to the article on crafting Recipes. Here is an article on loot tables. Here is an article on trade tables. With those 3 articles you may be able to make your own packs.