The flatworld series is a game mode that i have been playing for a while. The back end tool i was using broke so i am looking into ways to fix that before i move on. The game here is very simple. it is to do as much as i can in a flat world without cheats or any modifications to behaviors. Right now the only things added were a lava bucket, a piece of ice, and the end portal frames. These were added to the starter chest.

Episode 1

This is the start of a new series. in this series i am exploring life in a flat world. This is a vanilla as possible. To make your own copy you do not need a behavior pack, you simply create a flat world with the bonus chest enabled. In the bonus chest add 12 end portal frames, 1 dripstone, 1 ice and 1 lava bucket. you can remove any item you want, i removed the tools. i also insured i had cocoa beans and melon seeds in my starter chest. If you want my exact world where i enabled achievements it is in the discord below.

Episode 2


In episode 2 we will be making a very simple mob farm of my design. It was designed on this flat world on the fly… it is not perfect by any means. but it is pretty effective. I hope you enjoy this video and best of luck on your own playthroughs.

Episode 3

In episode 3 we use or mobfarm, do some tidying up, and work towards our first villager and our lava farm. The lava farm unlocks a lot of this play through as well as the villagers. There is the strangest gold farm i have ever made being built in this episode I hope you enjoy this video and best of luck on your own playthroughs.

Episode 4

In episode 4 we go to the Nether and play with villagers. We really need to get established so we have a source of emeralds for the trader and iron for sorters, storage, item collection and other things so we can keep progressing. So that is the plan for today. we keep moving forward and progressing with villagers!

Episode 5

Today on the flatworld we are going to get started on our wool farm, I have a huge build in mind and it needs a TON of wool. I really want to get to a storage room… to get to the storage room in really want to get my main build started… to do that i need 10 chest of wool… so lets solve that problem first. To do that we have to upgrade our cobble farm, upgrade our villagers and get some sugar cane on the go

Episode 6

Today on the flatworld we are going to start the mega base, I always start with a sorter… the sorter make life so much better. This base is MASSIVE when it is done. it will be more than 200 blocks tall and beautiful in my opinion. If you want to see it completed, subscribe, like and leave a comment.