Technical Resource pack

This pack contains a lot of technical tools and items that you probably would use every day in minecraft bedrock edition. I am slowly making lots of videos to cover the uses, this will take time, but here is the basic information:

pack Release

link to pack code

Link to Wiki for pack

I have made several video tutorials on how to use this pack. Each of these tutorials is specific to one aspect to the pack. This page gives you a quick link to each and a discription

Guardian spawn spots

There are 25 spawn locations in bedrock guardian farms. The problem is finding these locations. Traditionally you would have to find what direction is north, then find a block in the corner to count from. I personally have found this to be very frustrating i have miscounted many times. This pack allows for you to simply drop an armor stand in the middle, kill a few guardians and sort out the location of the spawn spots.

Mob spawning

This tutorial explains mob spawning using the technical resource pack as a guide to visualize these rules. This goes in to detail about the mob spawning algorithm and also talks about the pack being used to show those rules.


There is a few features of the technical pack that are directly related to redstone. This video focuses more on the redstone components than the pack itself, however is still showing you ways to use the pack.

Special Thank

Special thanks goes out to Bud aj29 This person was a huge contributor to this project.