Heart Core

In this addon you start out with 1/2 heart and you need to survive, however each achievement you unlock gets you 1/2 more max health, each death costs you 1 heart of health. if you end up with your max health below or at 0, you end up in spectator mode.

List of currently working advancements

AdvancementIn-Game DescriptionImplemented Detection
MinecraftThe Heart and Story of the gameHave a crafting table in your inventory
Stone AgeMine stone with your new pickaxeHave cobblestone in your inventory
Getting an UpgradeConstruct a better pickaxeHave a stone pick in your inventory
Acquire Hardware Smelt an Iron IngotHave an Iron Ingot in your inventory
Suit upPortect yourself with a piece of iron armorHave any type of iron armor in your inventory
Hot StuffFill a bucket with lavaHave a bucket of lava in your inventory
Isn’t it Iron pickUpgrade your PickaxeHave an Iron pick in your inventory
Ice Bucket ChallengeObtain ObsidianHave a block of obsidian in your inventory
Diamonds!Acquire DiamondsHave Diamonds in your inventory
We need to go deeperBuild, lignt and enter a Nether portalHave bedrock at Y=127
Cover me with DiamondsDiamond Armor saves livesHave any type of diamond armor in your inventory
The End?Enter the End portaHave an Portal tile 1 block below your feet
NetherBring Summer ClothsHave Bedrock at 127
Those where the daysEnter a bastion RemnantHave polished blackstone bricks under your feet
Hidden in the DepthsObtain Ancient DebrisHave ancient debris in your inventory
A terrible FortressBreak your way into a nether fortressHave nether bricks under your feet
Cover Me in DebrisGet a full suit of Netherite ArmorHave each piece of netherite in your inventory
Spooky Scary SkeletonObtain a wither skeleton skullhave a skull in your inventory
Into FireRelive a blaze of its rodhave a blaze rod in your inventory
Withering HeightsSummon a witherA wither tags all players
Next GenerationHold the Dragon EggHave a dragon egg in your inventory
You Need a MintCollect dragon’s Breath in a glass bottleHave a bottle of dragons breath in your inventory
Sky’s the limitFind ElytraHave an Elytra in your iventory
A sticky siturationJump into a honey block to break your fallStand on a honey block
Ol’Betsyshoot a cross bowHave a cross bow
Take AimShoot something with a bow and arrowHave a bow
Bukkit BukkitCatch a tadpole in a bucketHave a bucket of tadpole in your inventory
tactical fishingCatch a fish… without a fishing rodHave a bucket of fish
Serious DedicationUse a Neterhite Ingot to upgrade a hoe, and then reevaluate your life choicesHave a netherite hoe
The Cutest PredatorCatch an Axolotl in a bucketHave a bucket of Axolotl
With our powers combinedHave all frogligths in your inventoryhave the 3 types of frog lights in your inventory