Skyblock For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Note, 1.19 did break this a bit, this is not yet updated to 1.19. it is on my back log of tasks.

If you don’t know what skyblock is, it is a different way to play minecraft, you are given a minimal amount of resources in a world that has no real ground and you are set off to build what you want. This is a more technical and farming based game, rather than the typical play it your way Minecraft vanilla experience. It stretches your technical skills and increases your knowledge of farms and other aspects of the game.

How is your skyblock different

I like skyblock, but i have been disapointed my most skyblock maps i have found as they really are a flat world, with only the planes biome and a small region of the land removed. This means you are limited to a small section of farms and buildible area… it is kinda lame.. so i have dreamed of a skyblock version that was infinite. This uses the experimental biome generation features that allow us to define how the world generates. I abuse this system a bit to turn off most of the generation, then i delete what is left. Note, as this is experimental it may break in future updates.

Classic skyblock

This version of skyblock is very familiar to skyblock players. it uses a single spawn island and everyone who is on the server works from that island. I find this to be a bit boring for the first bit until you get a few trees together and are ready to branch out. It is the classic version so i am not going to knock it too much.

Server Skyblock

This version of skyblock is designed for a server, by that i mean each player gets their own island. They start out at their own spawn and will be teleported back to that same spot on death. This is a bit like the classic skyblock but each person gets their random spawn. For this version spawning is set up to occur between -3000, and 3000 on both the x and z

Hardcore…ish skyblock

I call this hardcore…ish because it isn’t really hardcore, but it does force you to reset a bit when you die. In a single player version of this map, if you die you have to work your way back to your original island keeping nothing that you had previously earned. This makes death have a real penalty without actually losing the world (hence the ish). I think this is the most fun version of skyblock as it also allows you to restart without getting a new seed. IE if you dont like your islands location, you jump in the void and try again.

How do i set this up?

This is a behavior pack that must be attached to the world upon creation. So go into minecraft, select create a new world. Then under the experiemental features select “Enable Custom Biomes”. This will allow the pack to function, without that the world will be normal. Now in the behavior packs select the skyblock version you prefer and enable it.

Known Bugs

Temple generation

Minecraft 1.18.12 has a known bug where “temples” will not generate. This means no Desert temples, no witch huts, and no jungle temples. If you do not have access to a version switcher i have pre-loaded the structures within 3k for these maps..

Deleting parts of villages or structures

Right now i cant control the generation of structures, and have been avoiding editing biomes unless i absolutely have to. This means i am effectively replacing block types one by one, because of that snow, terracotta, and sand stone used in structures are not preserved. I may update this in a future version. but for now this is not game breaking.